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Hi there…

March 24, 2008

Hi there…I am a down-to-earth, independent young woman who has found the opportunity to meet likeminded people my own age more difficult since finishing school. Like many other people, I outgrew the phoniness of the bar scene a few days after my 19th birthday, and find that the guys who hang out there aren’t the ones I’d want to meet anyway.

About me…I’ve got most of it together in life: 2 university degrees, career, house, car, etc, and expect about the same from you. I’ve been an overachiever since kindergarten, and am looking for someone who values education, independence, and ambition. I grew up in a typical European family, and tend to click better with people with similar family values. For professional reasons, my pic isn’t posted, but I have no problems sending out my backstage.

About you…if your profile pic shows you shirtless, or standing beside a muscle car, or is full of “gangsta talk”, we likely won’t have much in common. Good spelling and grammar is surprisingly attractive! Dry wit wins over slapstick humour anyday. A little nerdy is better than a little too cool. Bonus points if your profile has substance worth reading.

If it sounds like we may have something in common, send a message, and we’ll take it from there. Good luck and play nice on here!